Here are the essential places to visit in Singapore. The selection is made using the FavRiver scoring system which takes into account the most relevant metrics and expert reviews.
Last update : Jun 12, 2019
21Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (Chinese: 双溪布洛湿地保护区, Malay: Kawasan Simpanan Alam Semulajadi Sungei Buloh) is a nature reserve in the northwest area of Singapore. It is the first wetlands reserve to be gazetted in Singapore (2002), and its global importance as a stop-over point for migratory birds was recognised by the inclusion of the reserve into the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. The reserve, with an area of 130 hectares, was listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003.
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
22Asian Civilisations Museum
The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is an institution which forms a part of the four museums in Singapore, the other three being the Peranakan Museum at Old Tao Nan School, the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum.
It is one of the pioneering museums in the region to specialise in pan-Asian cultures and civilisations. The museum specialises in the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry.
Asian Civilisations Museum
23Reverse bungee
Not to be confused with bungee jumping.
The reverse bungee (also known as catapult bungee or ejection seat) is a modern type of fairground ride that was invented by Troy Griffin in c. 1978.
Reverse bungee
24Punggol Waterway Park
Punggol Waterway Park is a 12.25 hectares (122,500 m2) riverine park located in Punggol, Singapore, along Sentul Crescent. The park consists of four themed areas. Each area is designated to cater to different users of the park.
Punggol Waterway Park
25Changi Beach Park
Changi Beach Park (Chinese: 樟宜海滨公园, Malay: Taman Pantai Changi, Tamil: சாங்கி கடலோர பூங்கா
) is a beach park located at the northern tip of Changi in the eastern region of Singapore.
The 28-hectare beach park is one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, retaining the "kampung" or village atmosphere of the 1960s and '70s. The park is approximately 3.3 km long with stretches of sandy beaches between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road.
Changi Beach Park
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