joey yu zodiac illustrations 14
Witty Self-care Astrology Illustrations By Joey Yu For GirlBoss
If you need some new self-care inspiration, here's a nice and witty series by London-based visual artist and animator Joey Yu who illustrates how to pamper yourself, de-stress and relax according to ...  More
Mar. 6, 2018
Kimberly Money makeup looks zodiac sign-13
Artist Kimberly Money Creates 12 Makeup Looks For Each Zodiac Sign
'If you're a lover of all things astrology, you will love this', says Kimberly Money, a 19-years-old LA-based photographer, and a makeup artist, who has created a series of makeup looks for every star ...  More
May. 31, 2017
The 12 Makeup Looks, One For Each Zodiac Sign, By Setareh Hosseini
The Toronto-based model and makeup artist, Setareh Hosseini, has created an amazing series of makeup looks for every star sign in the zodiac. In a caption accompanying each photo, she explains the ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017