alexis pichot marche celeste 12
Spiritual, Awakening Light Paintings In The Depths Of The Forest – Alexis Pichot
Here's a powerful series, titled 'Marche Celeste' ('Celestial March'), by Alexis Pichot, a fine art photographer from Paris, France who worked for ten years as an interior designer. 'The cities and ...  More
May. 10, 2018
raphael olivier yakushima forest 21
The Forest Spirit: Haunting, Unreal Pictures On The Yakushima Island – Raphael Olivier
Raphael Olivier is a talented French photographer, retoucher and traveler who currently lives and works between Hong Kong and Singapore. 'Yakushima Island, Japan, is home to some of the oldest patches ...  More
Apr. 23, 2018
shawn james log cabin 2
Outdoorsman Shawn James Builds A Log Cabin In The Woods Without Any Power Tool – Video
In this impressive time-lapse video, outdoorsman Shawn James builds a log cabin in the Canadian woods all by himself, with hand tools only. 'At the beginning of the video, I show a winter drone photo ...  More
Jan. 14, 2018
bobby duke floating coffee cup pencil carving 6
Bobby Duke Floating Coffee Cup Pencil Carving That Appears To Pour A Splash Of Liquid Pencils
Texas-based artist and maker Bobby Duke, who runs a popular YouTube channel, has just created a fun floating cup that appears to pour a splash of liquid pencils. His craft project involved laminating ...  More
Dec. 28, 2017
scott slagerman glass wood sculpture 11
Scott Slagerman Symbiotic Sculptures Crafted From Hand-blown Molten Glass And Wood
'Wood & Glass' is an ongoing series of works by glass artist, Scott Slagerman, in collaboration with Jim Fishman. Each glass vase is formed by blowing it directly into a shape cut from wood while it ...  More
Dec. 22, 2017
NZ Woodturning color pencils into vases
Nick From NZ Woodturning Turns Color Pencils Into Beautiful Vases
"NZ Woodturning is run by Nick, that's me, I'm a perfectionist in every way, this is not a good thing as it normally takes me ages to finish a product! The good thing is I suppose , once its done it ...  More
Jan. 8, 2017