girotto masson raw human sushi-6
Raw: Cristian Girotto Surreal Series On Human Sushi Practicing Yoga
Cristian Girotto is a French Photoshop wizard based in Paris who has created, along with digital art director Olivier Masson, a short but striking series titled 'Raw - The Ultimate Delicacy' and featuring human sushi practicing yoga. What's not to like? Take a look at their bizarre and surreal but ...  More
Oct. 5, 2017
SUSHI SNEAKERS: From Sushi To ‘Shoe-shi’ By Chef Yujia Hu
An Italian sushi chef is taking his love of the NBA to another level with his latest food creation. Yujia Hu is a Chinese-born chef living in Milan, Italy, who first gained attention for his NBA sushi faces. According to the bio on his website, he attended art school but left to work in the family ...  More
May. 15, 2017
Kit Kat sushi
Kit Kat Introduces A Limited-edition Japan-only ‘Kit Kat Sushi’
Do you ever find yourself gazing down forlornly at your bento box and thinking, 'Man, I wish there was some Kit Kat sushi in here'? No? Well, neither do we, because let's be honest, that would be a completely random thought process. However, on the minuscule off chance that you've done just that, ...  More
Jan. 30, 2017
“Mosaic Sushi” Turns Food Into Art
The ornamentally designed sushi mosaics are carefully crafted with colorful sashimi pieces and vegetables.  More
Jan. 1, 2017