carolina torres embroidery art 26
Complex And Breathtaking Landscapes By Embroidery Artist Carolina Torres
Using just needles, threads and scissors, embroidery artist Carolina Torres creates beautiful landscapes ranging from plains and mountains to sandy beaches. 'I learned the craft of embroidery two years ago, now I give life to unique pieces of art. My inspiration comes from nature. Its infinite ...  More
Feb. 19, 2018
makeup artist luna sunset reflect-1
Sunset Reflect: Makeup Artist Luna Draws 2 Gorgeous Sunsets On Her Eyelids With Their Reflection In The Water Below
Makeup artist Luna has created a stunning showing of eye makeup art with one of her latest applications called Sunset Reflect.  ...  More
Jun. 28, 2017
grant haffner paintings-30
Grant Haffner Stunning New Paintings Of Neon Sunsets And Technicolor Landscapes
Born 1978 in Berkeley, California, Grant Haffner was raised in East Hampton, NY. He currently lives and works in Western MA.  ...  More
Jun. 16, 2017