dao tan phat animal photography 26
Stunning, Sensitive Nature And Wildlife Photography – Dao Tan Phat
Đào Tấn Phát is a nature and wildlife photographer from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He captures stunning, gorgeous close-up pictures of monkeys, snakes, birds, and insects in their natural environment ...  More
Apr. 12, 2018
mirko sata black and white ink serpentine tattoos-15
Mirko Sata Black And White Ink Serpentine Tattoos Reinvent Yin Yang Dualism
Mirko Sata, a Milan-based tattoo artist who works at a parlor called Satatttvision, is mostly known for his black and white ink serpent pieces, tastefully intertwined as to create a gorgeous ...  More
Jun. 26, 2017
Justin Kobylka Emoji Ball Python
Justin Kobylka Spends 8 Years Breeding An Emoji Ball Python
What happens when you're really into snakes and you've got a ton of time on your hands? An emoji snake, that's what. Justin Kobylka breeds snakes with unique patterns and sells them at his store in ...  More
Mar. 7, 2017