crimes against shoemanity 32
Crimes Against Shoemanity: An Instagram Dedicated To Tracking Down And Exposing Ugly Shoes
'Crimes Against Shoemanity' is an Instagram account dedicated to tracking down and exposing these almost objectively ugly shoes. It includes everything from a pair of pink patent strappy sandals that have molar teeth glued to them to stilletos that appear to be made of human skin. Its description ...  More
Feb. 7, 2018
ryan houssari for nora aytch-16
Ryan Houssari Candy Pink Series For Nora Aytch Blends Two Ultimate Women Passions: Food And Shoes
Ryan Houssari aka Candy is founder and creative director of Candyfornia Studio, and creative director of PLASTIK Magazine from 2009 until 2015. His vision of a glamorized reality is depicted in a lifeless yet surreal-looking woman in a real, everyday situation, often pumped with elements of ...  More
Oct. 1, 2017
Kobi Levi high heels-19
Kobi Levi Whimsical High Heels That Are Wearable Sculptures
Israel-based shoe designer Kobi Levi combines functionality and comfort with striking and artistic designs to create some of the most unusual high heels you'll ever see.  ...  More
Jun. 11, 2017
dry steppers plastic bags sneakers-7
DRY STEPPERS Are Cool Plastic Bags To Protect Your Sneakers From Rain
Most sneakerheads would never be caught wearing their favorite kicks in the rain. Brooklyn-based company Dry Steppers hopes to change that with its protective illustrated shoe bags. Made of plastic and rubber soles, these sneaker guards are not only waterproof, but will also protect your favorite ...  More
Jun. 5, 2017
oscar tiye disney minnie mouse stilettos-12
Disney Fashionistas Fall Head-over-heels For These Adorable Minnie Mouse Stilettos By Oscar Tiye
Even if you are not a big Disney fan, you may still feel like you need these super adorable Minnie Mouse heels by Italian footwear brand Oscar Tiye. Images of these very Instagram-worthy shoes have been circulating on social media for a while -its appeal lies in how it retains a child-like charm ...  More
May. 31, 2017
woman Japan PIGEON SHOES-2
A Woman Has Been Spotted In Japan Wearing These PIGEON SHOES
One Japanese woman was spotted wearing these pigeons shoes in public, and after photos of her extravagant footwear appeared on the internet everyone started asking 'why?'. Given the trends of nowadays fashion, however, don't be surprised if these bad boys rise from the streets of Japan to the ...  More
May. 26, 2017
Costa Magarakis surreal shoes-20
Costa Magarakis Surreal Shoes Tell The Most Imaginative Stories
Costa Magarakis is a fine art trained artist working with different kinds of mediums and specializing in sculptures. His work can be expressed as a gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truths and lies. His work is often a combination of grotesque imagery that is drawn from modern ...  More
May. 21, 2017
Dr Martens Beavis and Butt-Head-8
Dr. Martens Unleashes A Punky Beavis And Butthead Collection
In what is undoubtedly the most rock and roll tie-up of 2017, British footwear staple Dr. Martens has unleashed a capsule collection in tandem with '90s cartoon icons Beavis and Butt-Head. Dr. Martens has never shied from nailing its punky heritage to the mast, while America's favorite enfant ...  More
Mar. 8, 2017
Tal Spiegel Paris desserts match shoes-20
Pastry Chef Tal Spiegel Matches Paris Best Desserts With Men Shoes
Tal Spiegel, a Paris-based pastry chef, dessert enthusiast, and fearless footwear fan who is behind 'Desserted in Paris' Instagram feed captures every perfect pastry you've ever dreamed of - and some you haven't. Each one is snapped lovingly perched atop his outstretched hand. There are apples ...  More
Jan. 29, 2017
The Absurdly Out Of Proportion Objects Of The Dufala Brothers
Philadelphia-based artists/sculptors The Dufala Brothers have a thing for the surreal and out-of-proportion household objects. They create modern objects that are elongated and stretched into abstract versions of shoes, household appliances, and tools.  More
Jan. 1, 2017