lauren ko beautiful art cake pie 16
Amateur Baker Lauren Ko (aka Lokokitchen) Intricate And Artistic Pies
Her pies are everywhere on the Internet, enchanting, elegant, intricately designed circles, always photographed from above. But the pie queen behind @lokokitchen, the Instagram account that has ...  More
Dec. 22, 2017
amanda manitach wallpapers 17
Dirty: Amanda Manitach Provocative Texts On Delicate Wallpaper Patterns
Amanda Manitach’s new solo exhibition, titled 'Dirty', will be hosted at Winston Wachter Fine Art in Seattle, Washington (Nov 15, 2017 - Jan 10, 2018).  ...  More
Nov. 13, 2017
syd bee paintings-21
Syd Bee’s Haunting And Vibrant Paintings With A Radiant Pastel Neon Glow
Syd Bee is a Seattle-based painter that creates figurative paintings that often appear to exist in a dreamlike state. Working in oils, the artist employs a technique of creating a pastel-hued glow ...  More
Sep. 9, 2017
kari-lise alexander paintings-11
Kari-Lise Alexander’s Innocent Maidens Losing Themselves In Their Daydreams
Kari-Lise Alexander's work is rooted in the old folklore of her Scandinavian heritage as well as inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest. At a young age, Kari-Lise was always experimenting with ...  More
Aug. 30, 2017
dylan pierpont scary potter-7
Scary Potter: Dylan Pierpont Reimagines Harry Potter Movies As Creepy Horror Shows
Seattle-based Dylan Pierpont is a Digital artist who works as a Concept Artist at Microsoft. Dylan has just created a series of posters, one for each chapter, where he reimagines the famed movies as ...  More
Aug. 17, 2017
The “Lake Union Floating Home” In Seattle By Architects “Vandeventer + Carlander”
Building a house over water can be challenging, but floating homes offer a unique way to connect with the landcape.  More
Jan. 1, 2017