jenna barton illustrations 23
Striking, Mysterious, Poetic Animal Illustrations – Jenna Barton
Jenna Barton is an American illustrator who is passionate about design, animal forms and mysteries. She draws lots of strange animals, plants and places. She also enjoys making tattoo designs, album ...  More
Apr. 11, 2018
blue clover rabbitry baby bunnies 26
Cute, Adorable Baby Bunnies By Blue Clover Rabbitry
'We handle our bunnies from day one when they are born... It is not dangerous for our bunnies to be handled when they are newborns because our rabbits are domesticated and we have a very strong bond ...  More
Apr. 3, 2018
clementine bal sculpture 22
Cute, Calm And Poetic Animal Characters In Meditation By Clementine Bal
'My work is like a kind of meditation. I seek calm, tranquility, sweetness. The sculptures I present are characters created by mixing and transforming animal forms. They have eyes closed because they ...  More
Mar. 12, 2018