Nail Artist Natasha Lee Introduces FIDGET SPINNER NAILS
If you just can't seem to put your Fidget Spinner down, or have a kid at home or is obsessed, you're in luck: Thanks to one beauty tutorial, you can now carry it around with you all day - on your ...  More
May. 23, 2017
Pink quartz nails trend-12
Pink Quartz Nails Are The Newest Trend In Nail Art
'Quartz nails' are the new trend taking over Instagram and giving nail technicians everywhere major headaches. Made to look like rose quartz, a mineral thought by many to emit healing and loving ...  More
May. 4, 2017
Creepy 3D Nail Art By PiggieLuv Is The Perfect Halloween Manicure
If you're searching for the most absurdly perfect Halloween manicure, we may have found it. They're made by a 27-year-old Dutch self-taught nail artist who goes by the name of PiggieLuv. She writes a ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Nail Art History Susi Kenna Mei Kawajiri-1
“Nail Art History” Project By Susi Kenna And Mei Kawajiri
When Susi Kenna and Mei Kawajiri decide to do nail art, they do a lot more than determine which pink will go with their outfit. Kenna is the co-chair of the Junior Associates of MoMA while Kawajiri is ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017