diego della posta murals 35
Very Artistic Murals By Italian Street Artist Diego Della Posta Aka Mister Thoms
Diego Della Posta, aka Mister Thoms, is an Italian artist and illustrator who creates the most humorous and clever street art, full of irony and sarcasm, with a totally different style from what we usually see in the US. 'When a child is playing and having fun, there is nothing too hard for him to ...  More
Feb. 22, 2018
mona caron weeds 16
Weeds: Mona Caron Beautiful, Blooming Series Of Artivist Plant Murals
Mona Caron is a Swiss-born, San Francisco-based artist, using muralism, illustration and photography in both her art and artivism. Her focus is on community-informed and site-specific murals in public space. She has created large-scale murals in the US, Europe, South America and Asia, has delved ...  More
Feb. 20, 2018
jeff soto paintings 21
Jeff Soto Psychedelic Paintings And Murals Between Street Art And Pop Surrealism
Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. As a youth, he simultaneously discovered both traditional painting and illegal graffiti and, ever since, both worlds have informed his work. The artist’s distinct color palette, subject ...  More
Feb. 18, 2018
jimmy swift shark spray paint rock 7
Spray Paint Artist Jimmy Swift Turns A Beach Rock Into A Terrifying Shark
Jimmy 'Swift' is an American-born artist who has been in motion for over 15 years, traveling to over 90 countries and creating art along the way. His signature characters are a narration of the personalities that he's encountered during his travels, and are a window into the bizarre and sometimes ...  More
Feb. 14, 2018
sheku kanneh-mason no woman no cry 2
No Woman No Cry: Sheku Kanneh-Mason Breathtaking Performance In Front Of A Bob Marley Mural
In his debut album, ‘Inspiration’, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, one of the brightest new stars in classical music pays tribute to the mentors and heroes who have spurred him on on his extraordinary journey from Jacqueline du Pré to Bob Marley. Sheku won the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition ...  More
Feb. 12, 2018
shok-1 mural street art 25
Playful X-ray Murals Blending Street Art And Medical Science By Shok-1
British artist Shok-1, who holds a degree in applied chemistry, spray-paints his unique and signature X-­ray art on walls around the world. His works present a kind of medical diagnosis of life in the 21st century, sometimes in glowing health and other times pathological. A cool blend of street art ...  More
Feb. 2, 2018
lonac vices mural leiria portugal-11
Vices: Lonac Beautiful Mural Portraying A Girl Enjoying The Morning Ritual – Cigarette, Coffee, Iphone
Best known for his large-scale photorealistic murals, Lonac is a highly talented Croatian artist whose amazing works can be found around the world. His signature huge, eye-catching pieces, created with spray cans and brushes, are usually influenced by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, movies, ...  More
Oct. 4, 2017
james bullough fractured paintings murals-21
James Bullough’s Incredible Fractured Paintings
James Bullough is an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals, are phenomenal combinations of realist painting technique and graphic punctuation. Inspired by gritty urban graffiti as a young artist growing up in ...  More
Sep. 11, 2017
Damon Belanger Paints Playful Fake Shadows In The Streets Of Redwood City
Damon Belanger is a graphic artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was commissioned to install 20 fake shadows in the downtown area of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity to the area, and as you can see, he's certainly succeeded in doing just that. Damon makes them by ...  More
Sep. 5, 2017
mario mankey large-scale installations-11
Mario Mankey’s Large-scale Installations And Murals That Feel Both Comical And Bleak
Mario Mankey: 'Using the Mario Mankey name, I manifest the underlying contradictions between human and primate. I work on human behaviours I find disturbing. I focus mainly on the eternal contradictions of the modern individual as a result of their ambitions and limitations. The aesthetic game is ...  More
Aug. 26, 2017
jonathan pauwels jaune miniature murals-20
Jonathan Pauwels Aka Jaune’s Miniature Murals Chronicle The Secret Life Of Tiny City Workers
Jaune: 'I'm a stencil artist and urban interventionist from Brussels, Belgium. My work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in my humorous installations and paintings - an idea that was born from my own experience working in the ...  More
Aug. 24, 2017
paris duperre basketball court-9
Paris Duperré Basketball Court Just Got A Vibrant New Color Scheme
French design and photography agency Ill-Studio and fashion brand Pigalle have redesigned and repainted the Paris Duperré basketball court, with support from Nike. The court is squeezed between buildings in a Parisian suburb on Rue Duperré, and became internationally renowned in its previous ...  More
Jun. 27, 2017
kaos temple okuda san miguel skate park-7
KAOS TEMPLE: A 100-year-old Church Turned Into A Psychedelic Skate Park
In Spain, a 100-year-old church has been turned into a skate park covered in murals by Okuda San Miguel, sponsored by Red Bull and dubbed KAOS TEMPLE.  ...  More
Jun. 10, 2017
Peter Gibson Roadsworth street art on floor
Street Art On The Floor Creations By Peter Gibson Aka Roadsworth
It all started in the fall of 2001. Peter Gibson, or Roadsworth, wanted less cars and more bicycles in the streets of Montreal, so he started playing around with the traffic and road signs painted in the asphalt, using a basic technique called the stencil. With his masks and paints, he started ...  More
Jan. 5, 2017
Finbarr Dac Hidden Beauty Portraits women mask-14
Hidden Beauty: Portraits Of Women With A Mask By Finbarr Dac
Finbarr Dac, aka "Fin DAC", is an Irish artist based in London who has defined and perfected an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art almost completely. He calls it 'Urban Aesthetics' - a modern-day take on a 19th century art movement. A self-taught and ...  More
Jan. 4, 2017
Peter Kogler optical illusion rooms-14
Peter Kogler Optical Illusions Turn Rooms Into Mind-bending Spaces
For 30 years, Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna, has been adorning floors, walls, and ceilings with hypnotizing line designs that seem to move and bend the space in unnatural ways. Working at the intersection of architecture and new media he ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
“Good Of The Hive Initiative” : NY Artist “Matt Willey” Is Painting 50,000 Bees In Murals Around The World
That's the number of bees necessary to sustain a healthy hive.  More
Jan. 1, 2017
3D-Murals And Paintings By Street Artist Manuel Di Rita Aka “Peeta”
Peeta recently completed a mind-boggling anamorphic mural for the Draw The Line Street Art Festival. Painting on the streets of Campobasso, the Italian artist also known as Manuel Di Rita quickly worked his way through this impressive 3D piece which is featuring some of his unique graffiti imagery. ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Murals paintings by artist duo Dourone-4
Art For The Humans: Murals And Paintings By Artist Duo “Dourone”
Fabio Lopez aka "Dourone" was born in Madrid and raised in the countryside. Travelling extensively around the globe he's a creative artist who loves to paint and be inspired by all the places he's been to and by the people he's met along the way. A self-taught illustrator, Dourone's career began in ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
“Sean Yoro” Paints Seaside Murals Of Women Emerging From The Water While Floating On A Paddleboard
New York-based Hawaiian-born street artist Sean Yoro (a.k.a. Hula) has created a stunning series of street art murals depicting women emerging from the water along the concrete walls of ruined and abandoned structures. At home on the water, he paddles on a surfboard to reach the best locations for ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Hillary Clinton Bikini Mural Covered With Niqab After Complaints
A Melbourne street artist , known as Lushsux, who was threatened with a council fine over a provocative mural he painted of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has responded by covering her image with a niqab.  More
Jan. 1, 2017
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