jade dalloul brand currencies-17
Brand Currencies By Jade Dalloul: What If Fortune 500 Companies Had Their Own Currency ?
What if you were in charge of designing real life currency for some of the biggest brands of the world? Can you imagine Facebook or Apple having their own versions of a bank note? This has been the ...  More
Jul. 12, 2017
Won Park One-Dollar-Bill origami-13
MONEYGAMI: One-Dollar-Bill Stunning Origami Creations By Won Park
Artist Won Park puts a new twist on origami, the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into intricate sculptures, by fashioning his tiny creations out of United States One Dollar bills. Bending, ...  More
May. 15, 2017
HARRODSBURG Dougie Wallace-4
HARRODSBURG: Dougie Wallace Captures London’s Super Rich Spenders
In Harrodsburg, Dougie Wallace looks at the excessive wealth and consumerism that can be found around the Knightsbridge area close to the world famous department store, Harrods. From the mid-1970s ...  More
Mar. 15, 2017