jazmina daniel disney movie themed lip art-10
Jazmina Daniel’s Amazing Lip Art Inspired By Disney, Fairytales And Popular Movies
Jazmina Daniel is a makeup artist loved by Instagram's beauty community due to her amazing lip art. She has gained well over 1 million Instagram followers for turning her plush pout into a canvas for ...  More
Aug. 3, 2017
andrea reed makeup lips works of art-15
Makeup Artist Andrea Reed Turns Her Lips Into Amazing Works Of Art
Artist Andrea Reed is an expert at turning makeup on lips into a work of art on a shapely canvas. She paints a variety of textures, patterns and illustrations onto the lips, ranging from tartan ...  More
Jun. 2, 2017
“Crystal Lip” Or “Geode Lip” Look By Makeup Artist “Johannah” Is The New Beauty Trend
Lip art is the hottest new way for makeup artists to showcase their skills on Instagram right now, but this new take on the trend is seriously next level. Behold, crystal lips. Created by NYC-based ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017