carole feuerman sculpture 21
Lifelike, Hyper-realistic Sculptures Of Female Swimmers By Carole Feuerman
Carole Feuerman is a leading hyper-realist sculptor based in New-York, exhibiting and collected extensively worldwide. Feuerman is one of the artists that started the Hyper-realism movement in the ...  More
May. 4, 2018
yasutomo oka paintings 25
Stunning, Incredibly Lifelike Oil-painting Portraits – Yasutomo Oka
Yasutomo Oka is a 34-year-old Japanese artist who is a master of hyperrealistic painting. Even though all the following female portraits are actually oil paintings, they look like high-definition ...  More
Apr. 8, 2018
irakli nadar lifelike digital portraits-19
Irakli Nadar Breathtaking Lifelike Digital Portraits
Based in Tbilisi, Georgia 28-year-old Irakli Nadar is considered one of the top digital artists in the world today. Using only digital painting tools, he is able to create photo-like portraits from ...  More
Jul. 18, 2017