asawin tejasakulsin advertising campaign-10
Asawin Tejasakulsin’s Creative Advertising Visuals
Asawin Tejasakulsin is a Senior Art director at Ogilvy & Mather - Bangkok, Thailand who is behind very creative advertising campaigns. He recently gained worldwide fame for his inspiring LEGO campaign ...  More
Aug. 5, 2017
jekca sculptor lego cat-12
JEKCA Creates LEGO-like Cat Statues For Cat Lovers
Cat lovers love cat related products, whether it's clothing, jewelry, mugs, or wine accessories. But what about toys? JEKCA - Building Blocks for Kidults is a building block company based in Hong ...  More
Jun. 12, 2017
Adam Hillman arranging objects by color-13
Adam Hillman Beautiful Obsession For Arranging Objects By Color
Adam Hillman, aka Witenry, is a visual artist obsessed with aesthetics, but totally in a good way. Adam creates satisfying colorful patterns using everything from LEGO bricks, to various foods and ...  More
Jun. 10, 2017
FAMOUSBRICK High-tech icons LEGO minifigures-10
FAMOUSBRICK: High-tech Icons As LEGO Minifigures
German company FamousBrick has decided to pay tribute to the great names of the digital world by creating a collection of LEGO Minifigs. The custom LEGO minifigures include the biggest names in ...  More
Mar. 5, 2017
Lego-themed restaurant Brick Burger Lego Burger-11
Lego-themed Restaurant Brick Burger Creates The First Lego Burger
It's one of the latest - and weirdest - additions to the Philippines' culinary scene: the Brick Burger. It's a rectangular beef burger in a bun shaped like a piece of Lego, and there are three, very ...  More
Feb. 6, 2017
London Architect And LEGO Artist “Dave Hughes” Creates “Day Of The Dead”, A Series Of Creepily Colorful LEGO Skulls
The LEGO sculptures are available to purchase from Dave's Etsy store.  More
Jan. 1, 2017
“Magic Angle” Shadow Sculptures By “John V. Muntean” Combine LEGO And Light Into Art
Artist John V. Muntean constructs bulky objects that spin on a single axis that when paired with a light source reveal a multitude of projected shadow images. This particular piece is made from Lego ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Animal Sculptures With LEGO By German Artist Felix Jaensch
German artist Felix Jaensch designs sculptures with such a mastery to present, for example, velvety feathers of a parrot or choppy water around a shark using only LEGO cubes with sharp edges. Really ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017