margaux lange barbie doll jewelry 26
Plastic Body: Margaux Lange Creative Obsessive Gorgeous Barbie Doll Jewelry
Margaux Lange‚Äôs Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll elements in combination with hand-fabricated sterling silver and pigmented resins. The series is a result of ...  More
Feb. 11, 2018
nora fok jewelry 21
Nora Fok Ethereal And Otherworldly Hand-knit Jewelry Inspired By Nature And Science
Hong-Kong born artist Nora Fok combines jewelry design with textile art, science and math to create ethereal and otherworldly wearable artworks. Fok has a unique ability to translate ideas into ...  More
Feb. 10, 2018
nadezhda belokon insect jewelry 21
Exquisite Handmade Insect-themed Jewelry By Nadezhda Belokon
Using only high-quality Japanese beads and beautiful rare stones, Russian craftswoman Nadezhda Belokon creates exquisite insect-themed necklaces, brooches, pendants and earrings with an amazing ...  More
Jan. 27, 2018
makerie studio circling-6
Circling: A Mesmerizing Dance Of Prey And Predator By Makerie Studio
Makerie Studio is a duo of award winning creative workshops based in New York and London, founded and run by Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft. The studio designs and creates showpieces for window ...  More
Aug. 6, 2017
wedding ring tattoo-4
L(INKED): Wedding Ring Tattoos Are Forever And Totally Sweet
They say diamonds are forever, but you know what's really forever? Tattoos. There are few things in this world as permanent as getting some ink. And maybe that's why more and more couples are choosing ...  More
Mar. 16, 2017
Inna Monastyrna solar system stackable rings-2
Inna Monastyrna’s Handmade, Delicate Solar System Stackable Rings
Inna Monastyrna, a talented jewelry artist based out of Tel Aviv, literally puts the solar system at your fingertips. She has created a very cleverly designed set of stackable rings where each ring ...  More
Mar. 3, 2017
YunSun Jang jewelry I SEE A HALO AROUND YOU-12
I SEE A HALO AROUND YOU: YunSun Jang Futuristic, Luminous Jewelry
YunSun Jang is a jewelry designer, who is interested in creating physical and spiritual space around the body. Her work explores the boundaries of space, the everyday object and jewelry which plays a ...  More
Feb. 15, 2017
Alyona Lytvin dragon brooches-10
Luxury Dragons: Alyona Lytvin Creates Stunning Dragon Brooches
Russian embroidery artist Alena Litvin creates these stunning dragon brooches using exotic beads and other high quality materials. As you'll see, the details are extraordinary. Her magical jewelry ...  More
Feb. 3, 2017
Anne-Sophie Peyre Madame P vegan leather jewelry-12
French Designer Madame P Creates Jewelry From Vegan Leather
Anne-Sophie Peyre, aka 'Madame P', loves design, animals, cultural mix & travels. She studied in different applied arts schools, then worked for about ten years in several advertising agencies. ...  More
Jan. 20, 2017
Ear Climbers Otis Jaxon double-piercing illusion earring-5
Ear Climbers: Artist Otis Jaxon Double-piercing Illusion Earrings
This modern on-trend innovative design ingeniously blends earring and ear cuff to give you a geometric designer look without the pain of multiple piercings! Up your ear game and mix and match ...  More
Jan. 19, 2017
Fine art bangles Pagane Uniques
Fine Art Bangles By Pagane Uniques Have Artist Biographies Inside
The colorful creations by Bulgaria-based jewelry shop "PAGANE Uniques" are made with love and joy. The bangles showcase the vivid color palettes and striking modernity of 19th and 20th century ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Bubble Necklace Marina Susanna Sent
The “Bubble Necklace” By Italian Designers Marina And Susanna Sent
Designers Marina and Susanna Sent, whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Europe, belong to a family who has worked for generations in Murano, Italy, the center for the ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017