nike pro hijab-6
NIKE PRO HIJAB: Nike Unveils High-tech Hijab For Muslim Athletes
Seeing an under-served market in the growing number of Muslim women who work out and compete in sports, Nike plans to launch a specially-designed Hijab in spring 2018. The 'Nike Pro Hijab' was ...  More
Mar. 8, 2017
Hillary Clinton Bikini Mural Covered With Niqab After Complaints
A Melbourne street artist , known as Lushsux, who was threatened with a council fine over a provocative mural he painted of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has responded by covering her ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017
Quran gold black silk-4
Artist Rewrites The Entire Quran In Gold On 164 Feet Of Black Silk
33-year-old Azerbaijani painter Tünzale Memmedzade spent 3 years meticulously rewriting the Quran by hand onto sheets of transparent black silk. She took the official version released from the ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017