clothes made out of IKEA blue bag-17
People Are Making Impressive Clothes Out Of IKEA’s Iconic Blue Bag
The IKEA Frakta. The big, blue bag that is always there to share the load. Everybody has one stuffed away in a dark corner of their house, and while you may have been led to believe it only had one purpose, you'd be so wrong. The Frakta is having its fashion moment. Following the Balenciaga 'copy', ...  More
May. 14, 2017
New IKEA wedge dowel furniture-10
New IKEA Wedge Dowel Furniture Snaps In Minutes With Zero Screw
IKEA has been a staple of home decor for decades now, but its furniture is as popular for being rage-inducingly difficult to put together as it is for being cute and functional. But this relationship test might soon be a thing of the past, as IKEA is rolling out a way for products across its entire ...  More
Mar. 7, 2017