Alleles Design fashion prosthetic cover-29
ALLELES DESIGN Removes Stigma One Fashion Prosthetic Cover At A Time
Unlike other functional aids, like glasses, that have become fashion accessories, prosthetics have mostly been meant to be as invisible as possible. The Alleles Design Studio, a Canada-based creative ...  More
Jun. 7, 2017
Hannah Daisy BoringSelfCare-20
Hannah Daisy #BoringSelfCare Drawings Celebrate Mundane Acts Of Self-care As Victories
When you're living with an illness or disability, small acts of self-care like grocery shopping and washing your clothes can be challenging. But they can also leave you feeling more healthy and at ...  More
Jun. 1, 2017
ALIEN YOGA or NAULI fitness trend-8
ALIEN YOGA Or NAULI Is The Latest Strange-looking Yoga Practice
Forget unicorn lattes or the glitter booty beauty trend, because the latest thing Instagram users are infatuated by comes from the realms of health and well-being. Now a viral phenomenon, what's being ...  More
May. 24, 2017
Mexico Sugar drink kill more violent crime-6
Sugary Drinks Kill More People Than Violent Crime In Mexico
Mexico is renowned for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world, so it might sound strange to hear that sugary drinks pose a bigger threat to life here than violent crime. ...  More
Jan. 6, 2017