Miniature Calendar Project By Tatsuya Tanaka – February 2018
Here are the February 2018 entries from the Miniature Calendar Project by Japanese miniature artist Tatsuya Tanaka. The calendar depicts diorama-style toy people using household items, including food ...  More
May. 22, 2018
irina kuznetsova cat photography 22
A Cat’s Daily Life, Dreams And Thoughts In Funny, Creative Photo Compositions By Irina Kuznetsova
Irina Kuznetsova, aka Iridi on social media, is a fine art photographer from Odessa, a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine known for its beaches and 19th-century architecture. Here's a ...  More
May. 19, 2018
behind the scenes wildlife photographers 22
Comedy Wildlife: Amazing, Funny Behind The Scenes Wildlife Photography
A wonderful series of behind-the-scenes pictures that capture special moments between wildlife photographers and playful animals in their natural habitat.  More
May. 15, 2018
subway doodle 27
Subway Doodle: Strange, Funny Monsters In The Subway And Streets Of NYC – Ben Rubin
Ben Rubin is the owner of The Mint Farm, a marketing company that creates commercials and promotions for television networks and social media. In 2011, he began drawing on an iPad to pass the time ...  More
May. 14, 2018
miniature calendar january 2018 tatsuya tanaka 33
Miniature Calendar Project By Tatsuya Tanaka – January 2018
Here are the January 2018 entries from the Miniature Calendar Project by Japanese miniature artist Tatsuya Tanaka. The calendar depicts diorama-style toy people using household items, including food ...  More
May. 8, 2018
rayda ealvay digital art 21
Playful, Surreal Photo Manipulations And Digital Self-portraits – Rayda Ealvay
Alexandra Chertulova, aka Rayda Ealvay on social media, is an 18-year-old self taught photographer, retoucher and artist based in Perm, Russia. Here's a selection of playful, surreal photo ...  More
May. 5, 2018
ossi saarinen baby fox photography 17
Gorgeous, Fascinating Close-up Portraits Of Adorable Fox Cubs – Ossi Saarinen
Here's a new series of gorgeous, fascinating close-up portraits of adorable baby foxes by Ossi Saarinen, a talented 20-year-old wildlife photographer and nature adventurer based in Hollola, Finland ...  More
May. 2, 2018
marisa livingston the office cartoon 24
Marisa Livingston Gives Characters From The Office A Cartoon Makeover
Marisa Livingston is a Los Angeles artist in the animation industry who recently decided to reinvent the characters of the popular TV show 'The Office' in a cartoon style, translating their ...  More
Apr. 4, 2018
shanghai tango illustrations 22
Witty, Dark-humor Illustrations Featuring Cats And Everyday Life – Shanghai Tango
Tango Gao, aka Shanghai Tango, is an illustrator, artist, and author who lives and works in New York and Shanghai who draws brilliant, witty cartoons depicting cats and various animals and objects on ...  More
Apr. 3, 2018
ausrine pudzevyte aube painting 17
Vibrant, Colorful Abstract Paintings On Coffee And Drinks By Ausrine Pudzevyte Aka Aube
Aušrinė Pudževytė aka Aube (Aube’s Interior & Art) is an interior designer, painter and artist from Lithuania who likes to travel around the world to leave here paintings on the walls in ...  More
Mar. 27, 2018
design architecture fails 31
Epic Architecture And Design Fails That Look Like Accidents Waiting To Happen
From mind-bending carpets to cactus benches, from taps above electricity sockets to a wall painted with a convincing tunnel that led to a car crash, here's a collection of some of the worst ...  More
Mar. 27, 2018
futurikon wizardians illustrations 23
Funny Doodles On Random Stock Photos By Futurikon Wizardians
As part of the #MyDoodleLife project on Instagram, illustrator that goes by the name of 'Futurikon Wizardians' is having fun doodling on random stock photography, adding cartoon and anime-like ...  More
Mar. 27, 2018
gab bois illustrations 16
Funny, Original, Quirky Close-up Photography And Illustrations By Gab Bois
Gab Bois is an artist and ex-model based in Montreal, Canada focusing on concept-oriented photography using her own body as a canvas. Bois shares her work on Instagram, and on her feed, you’ll see a ...  More
Mar. 26, 2018
dan piraro bizarro comics 21
Bizarro: Hilarious And Witty Cartoons About Psychotherapy By Dan Piraro
Bizarro is a single-panel cartoon strip drawn by Mexico-based artist Dan Piraro since 1985 that has been published in over 360 newspapers and magazines. His style is a unique blend of surrealistic ...  More
Mar. 25, 2018
jeremy cohen stormfaces 17
Stormfaces: Playful Street Portraits Of New Yorkers Enduring High Winds, Rain, And Snow By Jeremy Cohen
A playful series of street portraits by Brooklyn-based freelance photographer Jeremy Cohen who stood on a street corner in Manhattan on a stormy evening to capture the faces of resilient New Yorkers ...  More
Mar. 20, 2018
john malkovich famous portraits 16
John Malkovich Brilliant, Jaw-dropping Tribute To Iconic Photographs Directed By Sandro Miller
'John is the most brilliant, prolific person I know. His genius is unparalleled. I can suggest a mood or an idea and within moments, he literally morphs into the character right in front of my eyes. ...  More
Mar. 17, 2018
ben goossens illustrations 27
Surreal, Dreamlike And Thought-provoking Digital Illustrations By Ben Goossens
Ben Goossens is an amazing illustrator from Belgium who worked for 35 years as an art director in advertising before starting to create photo-montages as a hobby. Goossens says he's been influenced by ...  More
Mar. 17, 2018
aaron tilley photography 26
Aaron Tilley Conceptual, Playful And Unsettling Still Life Photography
London-based still life photographer and art director Aaron Tilley is having fun capturing those everyday stressful situations when something disastrous is just about to happen and keeps you in an ...  More
Mar. 15, 2018
te bart dhl fashion 11
Quirky And Glamorous High-fashion Collection Made Of DHL Packaging Supplies By Michael Michalsky
A marvelous collection of magnificent gowns made out of DHL shipping and packaging supplies crafted by designer Michael Michalsky, one of Germany’s most influential fashion designers, in partnership ...  More
Mar. 10, 2018
jason freeny dissected toys 21
Funny, Creepy And Unusual Dissected Toy Sculptures By Jason Freeny
New York-based sculptor and toy designer Jason Freeny creates hand-made dissected toy sculptures that blur the lines between toy design, art, science and teaching. Lego figures, rubber ducks, Barbie ...  More
Mar. 7, 2018
mollat employees match book covers 21
Cheeky Employees At French Bookstore Mollat Match Their Face With Book Covers
Employees at French bookstore Mollat -which opened back in 1896 and was the first independent bookstore in France- are having fun posting photos to Instagram where they match their face and body with ...  More
Mar. 6, 2018
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