hossein farsad photography 21
Marvelous Fine Art Portraits Highlight The Hidden, Captive Beauty Of Women In Iran By Hossein Farsad
Hossein Farsad is a talented photographer and video maker from Tehran, Iran. Here' is a collection of gorgeous fine art portraits where the artist highlights the hidden, often captive beauty of women ...  More
Apr. 22, 2018
richard sweeney paper sculpture 21
Delicate, Fluid, Ephemeral Paper Sculptures – Richard Sweeney
Richard Sweeney is an English artist who combines the disciplines of sculpture, craft, design and photography. He uses mainly a ruler and cutter to bend, fold and glue together his elaborate and ...  More
Apr. 20, 2018
alexander yakovlev dance ballet photography 21
Perfect Beauty, Impeccable Posture And Grace In Alexander Yakovlev Dance Photography
Alexander Yakovlev is a Russian photographer based in Moscow focusing on dance and ballet. 'The project is to reveal the mystery of fascinating grace being demonstrated by professional dancers, ...  More
Apr. 16, 2018
jeff chester paintings 21
Anonymous, Mysterious Female Portraits Behind Playful Glasses – Jeff Chester
Jeff Chester is a painter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His work intentionally exists on the boundary between photo-realism and illustration. Chester's paintings are at once realistic and yet ...  More
Apr. 16, 2018
hua zhu photography 21
Magical, Peaceful Or Epic, Landscape Photography – Hua Zhu
Hua Zhu is a and fine-art nature and wildlife photographer based in Plainsboro, New Jersey who travels around the world to capture peaceful or epic landscapes creating magical images that invite the ...  More
Apr. 14, 2018
nicki upstairs photography 21
Surreal, Dreamlike Self-portraits By Fine Art Photographer Nicki Upstairs
Nicki Upstairs is a fine art photographer from Thessaloniki, Greece. Inspired by the often overlooked details of her hometown, her latest project 'Unseen Thessaloniki' is a collection of ...  More
Apr. 13, 2018
robert lemay big screen tv paintings 16
Big Screen TV: Marvelous, Digital-like Oil Paintings Of Iconic Movie Scenes And Actresses – Robert Lemay
Robert Lemay’s new exhibition, titled ‘Big Screen TV’, is currently hosted at The Front Gallery, Edmonton, Canada (March 22 through April 12, 2018) - Robert Lemay has been an important figure of ...  More
Apr. 9, 2018
erika sanada sculpture 11
Fantastical Animals Straight Out Of A Dark Fairytale By Surreal Sculptor Erika Sanada
Erika Sanada’s new exhibition, titled ‘Meet Me Halfway’, is currently hosted at Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles from April 7 through May 5, 2018 – Erika Sanada is a California based artist ...  More
Apr. 8, 2018
brad kunkle paintings 21
Precious, Magical Power Of Feminine Energies In Oil, Silver And Gold Paintings – Brad Kunkle
Based in upstate New York, Brad Kunkle is a talented artist who has become internationally known for his unique use of gold and silver leaf in contemporary oil painting. His minimal palette is ...  More
Apr. 7, 2018
julie cockburn artworks 21
Playful Embellished Vintage Photographs With Dotted Hand Embroidery – Julie Cockburn
'No image is safe after it enters my studio' - Julie Cockburn is a London-based artist whose work is best defined by its delicate craftsmanship and by the transformation of everyday and found objects ...  More
Apr. 6, 2018
madeleine gross paintings 21
Travel Photographs Enhanced By Vibrant And Playful Painting – Madeleine Gross
Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based artist who customizes her photographs with paint in a way designed to 'abstract landscapes but without completely abstracting reality'. Gross intuitively applies ...  More
Apr. 5, 2018
gwen yip paintings 16
Backs: Storytelling, Minimalist Paintings About Loneliness And Urban Life – Gwen Yip
Gwen M.Y. Yip is a New-Jersey based artist who creates minimalist paintings that explore both themes of loneliness and the shapes and stark structures of urban environments. Her subjects wait for ...  More
Apr. 5, 2018
elizaveta porodina exercise 11
Exercise: Delicate, Magical Pictures By Elizaveta Porodina
Moscow-born Elizaveta Porodina, who lives and works in Munich, Germany travels through time and space in her experimental fashion and fine art photography, extracting the underlying emotions in her ...  More
Apr. 2, 2018
piotr leczkowski photography 26
Aerial, Breathtaking Dance Photography By Piotr Leczkowski
'Since I was a child I have observed the world with a sensitive eye and searched for my own way to express the images and artistic feelings hidden in me. I used to draw and in my adult life I became a ...  More
Apr. 2, 2018
alp cem photography 11
Gorgeous, Moody Black And White Photography By Alp Cem
A marvelous series of moody, voluptuous, striking beauty portraits in black and white by Istanbul-based Turkish photographer Alp Cem.  More
Apr. 1, 2018
erika zolli aerial flowers 10
Aerial Flowers: Dreamlike, Gorgeous Combinations Of Acrobat Figures With Giant Flowers By Erika Zolli
Erika Zolli is a fine-art photographer based in Milan, Italy who creates new worlds and new realities to explore the invisible, dreamlike dimension that lies in human mind. Her work is a combination ...  More
Mar. 25, 2018
eric fortune paintings 16
Surreal, Captivating, Luminous Paintings By Eric Fortune
Eric Fortune is a great painter and illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio who creates richly evocative paintings of people wrapped in their own worlds. Using acrylic painting on watercolor paper, the ...  More
Mar. 24, 2018
j konrad schmidt photography 16
Rheingold: J Konrad Schmidt Cinematic Series Inspired By The Glamorous 1920s
J. Konrad Schmidt is an independent photographer based in Berlin who works and lives as a 'citizen of everywhere'. His work is known to be a composition of timeless elegance, a real sense of story, ...  More
Mar. 23, 2018
jasper johns most famous paintings 22
Jasper Johns Most Famous Paintings
Jasper Johns (born 1930) is an American artist whose work is associated with abstract expressionism, Neo-Dada, and pop art. He is an acclaimed artist since the 1950s and has produced paintings, prints ...  More
Mar. 19, 2018
valerie belin artworks 22
Pictorial, Hybrid, Expressionist Digital Portraits Inspired By Marvel Comics And Tribal Paintings By Valerie Belin
Valerie Belin’s new solo exhibition, titled 'Painted Ladies', is currently hosted at Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York (March 2 - March 31, 2018). Valerie Belin is a French artist who has exhibited ...  More
Mar. 19, 2018
kseniya vetrova photography 16
The Spirit Of Each Season Captured In Delicate, Contrasted, Stunning Beauty Photography By Kseniya Vetrova
Autumn Vibes, Winter Beauty, Spring In Bloom and Summer Beauty we feature here four different projects by Moscow-based fashion photographer Kseniya Vetrova who plays with colors and light to capture ...  More
Mar. 18, 2018
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