ROMPHIM male romper
ROMPHIM: The Male Romper Is The Latest Men’s Fashion Trend
Just a head's up: this summer, you might see a bunch of dudes running around in pastel-colored rompers. Don't be alarmed. It's the RompHim (translation: romper for men). And it's working ...  More
May. 22, 2017
clothes made out of IKEA blue bag-17
People Are Making Impressive Clothes Out Of IKEA’s Iconic Blue Bag
The IKEA Frakta. The big, blue bag that is always there to share the load. Everybody has one stuffed away in a dark corner of their house, and while you may have been led to believe it only had one ...  More
May. 14, 2017
Janine Ker hair stencil graffiti-18
Awesome Hair Graffiti By Hair Stencil Artist Janine Ker
Hair trends change every season. The under cut and the bright colours are in the past though. Hair stenciling is the newest trend and it's taking the salons by storm. All you will need is a stencil ...  More
Jan. 10, 2017
New Beauty Trend: The Holographic Lip Gloss Or “hologram Lips”
Lip art is the new nail art. Remember when a slash of Russian Red was considered a "bold lip" ? Now, it's all about glitter and holograms. From two-tone lips and ombre lips to drippy lips, glitter ...  More
Jan. 1, 2017