joseph ernst nothing in the news-8
Nothing In The News: Joseph Ernst Reimagines World Newspapers, Void Of Any Actual News
Artist and filmmaker Joseph Ernst is concerned with our inability to switch off. Habitual scrolling through mobile devices leaves us inundated with information. In a world that recognizes 'fake news' as a legitimate phenomenon, how much of what we read is even valuable?  ...  More
Jun. 22, 2017
comics how news reporting actually works-6
Funny Comics Sums Up In 6 Pics How News Reporting Actually Works
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a humor webcomic, based around random, unconnected jokes. It generally covers mature topics, but can range into science and nerd humor. The news media is there to provide the masses with factual information about what's happening in the world, but as you've no ...  More
Mar. 2, 2017