romy mccloskey butterfly surgery 10
Costume Designer Romy McCloskey Helps Monarch Butterfly With Broken Wing Fly Again – Video
Romy McCloskey, who collects the insects for a hobby, saw one was missing a large part of his right wing due to a birth defect. She said she was 'heartbroken' at the thought of having to put him down so decided to fix it. Romy, a costume designer, said: 'My work involves me hand-embroidering and ...  More
Jan. 13, 2018
natasha a rhopalocera 7
Rhopalocera: Natasha A Captures Magical Close-up Pictures Of A Colorful Butterfly
'Every picture tells a story, every moment matters' says Natasha A, a Freelance Photographer from Waterloo (Canada), who has created this beautiful series of macro pictures titled 'Rhopalocera', a butterfly with large and brightly colored wings.  More
Jan. 9, 2018