bill diodato fashion photo inflatable 11
Inflatable: Stunning, Playful Fashion And Beauty Series – Bill Diodato
A colorful, aesthetically refined series titled 'Inflatable', with some marvelous 'bubble gum' images added in the mix, by New-York based leading fashion and beauty photographer Bill Diodato.  More
Apr. 27, 2018
hope carter photography frozen bubbles 16
Hope Carter Fine Art Of Frozen Bubbles And Their Amazing Ice Crystal Formations
Michigan-based photographer Hope Carter is a master in the very precise art of photographing bubbles in freezing temperatures, which was inspired by some classes she helped teach in her children’s ...  More
Jan. 19, 2018
zeewipark flower bubbles-10
South Korean Artist Zeewipark Captures The Magic Of Flowers Trapped In Bubbles
Zeewipark: 'I'm a 25-year-old South Korean girl based in Rome, currently looking for a creative job and editing photos as a hobby. Until a few months ago I could have never thought I would find myself ...  More
Aug. 30, 2017