Loui Jover Women Portraits Vintage books-4
The Dripping Ink Portraits Of Women On Vintage Books By Loui Jover
Loui Jover is an artist based in Queensland, Australia who creates eye catching portraits of women by using pen and dripping ink on vintage book pages. His hyper-realistic style and lines of words inserted in the middle of faces give a one of a kind meaning and back story to his art and show the ...  More
November 20, 2016 Jason
The Irony Of Johan Deckmann’s Made-up Self-help Book Covers
Johan Deckmann is both an artist and a psychotherapist living in Copenhagen. "Whether I’m practicing therapy or working as an artist, I’m uncovering some kind of truth and I consider that as a gift. I seek this curiosity, honesty and creativity in everything I do. I am deeply fascinated by the ...  More
October 23, 2016 Jessica
Karl Silberbauer, The SS Officer Who Arrested Anne Frank, Later Bought Her Book “to See If He Was In It”
Upon being asked about Anne Frank's diary, Silberbauer stated: "I bought the little book last week to see if I am in it. But I am not." Upon being told by a reporter that he "could have been the first to read it", Silberbauer chuckled and said, "Maybe I should have picked it up off the floor."  More
October 10, 2016 Joshua