david benoliel fine art photography-16
David Benoliel’s Stunning Fine Art Photography
David Benoliel is a French Photographer living in the United States between New York and Miami who is best known for his work in fashion and beauty photography. David has a set of very unique skills from selecting the perfect models, who look statuesque and striking, to photo-manipulation and ...  More
Sep. 20, 2017
vlada haggerty makeup-14
Makeup Artist Vlada Haggerty Blurs The Line Between Makeup And Body Painting
Beauty influencer Vlada Haggerty is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist known for her incredible "liquid lip art". Clicking on her Instagram account may very well result in hours spent scrolling through her signature pouts, many of which feature gravity-defying drips of lip gloss.  ...  More
Aug. 11, 2017
jazmina daniel disney movie themed lip art-10
Jazmina Daniel’s Amazing Lip Art Inspired By Disney, Fairytales And Popular Movies
Jazmina Daniel is a makeup artist loved by Instagram's beauty community due to her amazing lip art. She has gained well over 1 million Instagram followers for turning her plush pout into a canvas for the most intricate designs, ranging from rainbow glitter lips to Harry Potter iterations, a Selena ...  More
Aug. 3, 2017
alex malikov makeup art photography-11
Alex Malikov’s Spectacular High-end Beauty Photography
Here is a selection of some spectacular captures by Alex Malikov, an incredibly talented photographer and professional retoucher based in Russia.  ...  More
Jul. 28, 2017
makeup artist luna sunset reflect-1
Sunset Reflect: Makeup Artist Luna Draws 2 Gorgeous Sunsets On Her Eyelids With Their Reflection In The Water Below
Makeup artist Luna has created a stunning showing of eye makeup art with one of her latest applications called Sunset Reflect.  ...  More
Jun. 28, 2017
ice cream makeup trend-1
Sweet And Colorful ICE CREAM MAKEUP Look Is Not Just For Halloween
Beauty bloggers draw inspiration from everywhere to create their makeup masterpieces, and the current heat wave has their minds on everyone's favorite frozen treat: ice cream.  ...  More
Jun. 17, 2017
temporary eye and lip tattoos-17
Tiny And Delicate Eye And Lip Temporary Tattoos
The creativity of makeup artists on Instagram does not know any limits. They've been incorporating a childhood birthday party staple - temporary tattoos - into their makeup and topping them with high-shine clear gloss to elevate the look. Not only is the result is stunning, temporary tattoos are the ...  More
Jun. 11, 2017
yellow blush makeup trend-14
YELLOW BLUSH Is The Latest Peculiar Mesmerizing Makeup Trend
The best part of wearing makeup is having some fun with it - which might just explain the latest colorful beauty trend sweeping social media.  ...  More
Jun. 8, 2017
andrea reed makeup lips works of art-15
Makeup Artist Andrea Reed Turns Her Lips Into Amazing Works Of Art
Artist Andrea Reed is an expert at turning makeup on lips into a work of art on a shapely canvas. She paints a variety of textures, patterns and illustrations onto the lips, ranging from tartan patterns, pixels, bee hives glistening with honey, waves and other prints. The flawless results of ...  More
Jun. 2, 2017
citrus color hair trend-15
CITRUS HAIR Color Trend Is Popping Up On Instagram For Sunny Summer Days Ahead
Just when you think you've out-lemon-ed anything there is to lemon (elbows, your highlights, the bathroom tub), here comes this fun new color trend proving, yet again, that our hair is one of the best canvasses out there for creative expression. Selfies of women with bright, zesty citrus-themed hair ...  More
Jun. 2, 2017
F LASHES Tien Pham LED eyelashes-6
F.LASHES: Tien Pham Creates Glowing, Color-changing, LED Eyelashes
Most of the time, fake lashes can give you length and volume, but now they can also make you glow, literally! F. Lashes are basically what the name says - flashy lashes.  ...  More
Jun. 1, 2017
Kimberly Money makeup looks zodiac sign-13
Artist Kimberly Money Creates 12 Makeup Looks For Each Zodiac Sign
'If you're a lover of all things astrology, you will love this', says Kimberly Money, a 19-years-old LA-based photographer, and a makeup artist, who has created a series of makeup looks for every star sign in the zodiac: 'I did this project all by myself from makeup to photoshoot. I connected my ...  More
May. 31, 2017
marble lips beauty trend-13
MARBLE LIPS Are The Latest Makeup Trend Taking Over Instagram
Marble lips art is the new makeup trend that is popping up all over Instagram with tons of different makeup artists marbling on their pout. Some are making a basic white and gray marble effect, while others are taking it to the next level with colors like purple or blue. The design may look super ...  More
May. 27, 2017
Nail Artist Natasha Lee Introduces FIDGET SPINNER NAILS
If you just can't seem to put your Fidget Spinner down, or have a kid at home or is obsessed, you're in luck: Thanks to one beauty tutorial, you can now carry it around with you all day - on your nails. Nail art expert Natasha Lee recently posted a video to YouTube showing how to get Fidget ...  More
May. 23, 2017
SHINE LINE HAIR Looks Like A Rainbow Laser Hitting Your Hair 24/7
In the world of hair, everything goes. Pastel hair, rainbow roots, mermaid hair... even Unicorn Frappuccino hair have become just as common as your run-of-the-mill brown hair. It seems like every week, beauty and hair influencers are finding a new way to dye hair in different patterns and ...  More
May. 18, 2017
helix tattoo trend-1
HELIX TATTOO Trend: The New Cool Place To Get A Delicate Tattoo
There's a new tattoo trend that's taking over the Internet, and, we must say, it's pretty awesome. It's called the helix tattoo. The helix is the thin and curved outer part of the ear, which is now a famous spot for tattoos apparently. From flowers to paw prints to minimalist lines - there are so ...  More
May. 5, 2017
Pink quartz nails trend-12
Pink Quartz Nails Are The Newest Trend In Nail Art
'Quartz nails' are the new trend taking over Instagram and giving nail technicians everywhere major headaches. Made to look like rose quartz, a mineral thought by many to emit healing and loving energies, these nails will make your hands look like pretty rocks. Sometimes called marble nails or ...  More
May. 4, 2017
Nadia Lee Cohen guide to indulgence-6
Nadia Lee Cohen Satirical How-to Guide To Indulgence For Women
British photographer and filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen points a satirical lens at feminine beauty ideals in her stylishly disturbing short, a how-to on what it takes to be beautiful, soundtracked by French rockers La Femme. The London-based director explains the inspiration behind the irresistible ...  More
Mar. 9, 2017
Freckle tattoos Beauty trend-10
Beauty Trend: Freckle Tattoos Are Now A (semi-permanent) Thing
Once upon a time, freckles were considered such aberrations that women would do anything to get rid of, or at least conceal, them. Talk about an about-face: Now, freckles are downright desirable. Topshop and other beauty purveyors sell 'freckle pencils', while Kickstarter-funded company 'Freck ...  More
Mar. 6, 2017
Aubrey Stephens soaps look like food-2
Etsy Artist Aubrey Stephens Creates Soaps That Look Like Food
Aubrey Stephens is the artist behind the Etsy shop 'Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary' and she is creating soaps disguised as food that look so real that they'll make you hungry! Her bathtime creations range from wacky (creepily realistic severed fingers) to kitschy (assorted sushi you'd swear was the ...  More
Feb. 8, 2017
Thigh Makeup trend-10
Thigh Makeup Trend: Girls Are Drawing Makeup Faces On Their Thighs
Just when you thought makeup trends couldn't get any stranger, Instagram users have topped themselves by presenting the world with thigh makeup. This technique is just what it sounds like: people are applying full faces of makeup to their upper legs. Some opt for only a dramatic eye look (a smoky ...  More
Jan. 31, 2017
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