young lim lee paintings 16
Delicate Facial Expressions And Subtle Body Gestures – Young Lim Lee
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Young Lim Lee is a young and promising artist currently studying art at the University of Georgia. She says: 'I attempt to bring out the incorporeal feelings physically by ...  More
May. 24, 2018
Miniature Calendar Project By Tatsuya Tanaka – February 2018
Here are the February 2018 entries from the Miniature Calendar Project by Japanese miniature artist Tatsuya Tanaka. The calendar depicts diorama-style toy people using household items, including food ...  More
May. 22, 2018
inka niclas lindergard family portraits 9
Haunting, Mysterious Family Portraits By Inka And Niclas Lindergard
Inka & Niclas Lindergård is an award-winning duo of fine art photographers based in Stockholm, Sweden. Here's a stunning, mysterious series titled 'Family Portraits' where the artists question the ...  More
May. 22, 2018
stephanie son zodiac illustrations 13
Beautiful, Poetic Series Of Astrology Illustrations By Stephanie Son
Stephanie Son is a young and talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently a Visual Design and Consumer Science double major student at Seoul National ...  More
May. 18, 2018
ryan mulford paintings 15
Stunning Mixed Media Portraits Inspired By The The Golden Age Of Hollywood By Ryan Mulford
Ryan Mulford is a contemporary artist based in Northern California who started his career as a graphic designer for leading advertising agencies before transitioning to art in 2010. His creative ...  More
May. 18, 2018
matias noble tattoo art 21
Epic, Hyper Realistic Black And Grey Tattoo Art – Matias Noble
Matias Noble is a leading, outstanding tattoo artist based in Valencia, Spain. Here's a marvelous collection of epic, photo realistic black and grey tattoos.  More
May. 16, 2018
hilary clarcq paintings 11
Surreal, Dreamlike Oil-painting Female Portraits – Hilary Clarcq
Hilary Clarcq is a freelance illustrator originally from the East Coast and now based in Boulder, CO who spent many years as a graphic designer before turning to illustration as a way to combine ...  More
May. 16, 2018
miniature calendar january 2018 tatsuya tanaka 33
Miniature Calendar Project By Tatsuya Tanaka – January 2018
Here are the January 2018 entries from the Miniature Calendar Project by Japanese miniature artist Tatsuya Tanaka. The calendar depicts diorama-style toy people using household items, including food ...  More
May. 8, 2018
denise stewart-sanabria paintings 17
Hyper-realistic, Strange Oil-paintings Of Fruits, Cakes And Other Food – Denise Stewart-Sanabria
Denise Stewart-Sanabria is a fine artist who lives and works in Knoxville, Tennessee where she creates mostly hyper-realistic oil paintings of everything from produce to subversive jelly donuts. She ...  More
May. 7, 2018
rayda ealvay digital art 21
Playful, Surreal Photo Manipulations And Digital Self-portraits – Rayda Ealvay
Alexandra Chertulova, aka Rayda Ealvay on social media, is an 18-year-old self taught photographer, retoucher and artist based in Perm, Russia. Here's a selection of playful, surreal photo ...  More
May. 5, 2018
anja van herle paintings 21
Glamorous, Expressive Portraits Of Women Wearing High Fashion Sunglasses By Anja Van Herle
Born in Belgium, Anja Van Herle relocated to Los Angeles in 2003, where she now concentrates on playful figurative paintings that fuses the European sense of high fashion with an American sense of ...  More
May. 4, 2018
carole feuerman sculpture 21
Lifelike, Hyper-realistic Sculptures Of Female Swimmers By Carole Feuerman
Carole Feuerman is a leading hyper-realist sculptor based in New-York, exhibiting and collected extensively worldwide. Feuerman is one of the artists that started the Hyper-realism movement in the ...  More
May. 4, 2018
plastique fantastique ringdeluxe 14
RINGdeLUXE: Plastique Fantastique Installs A Giant, Glamorous Gold Ring On A Building In Spain
Plastique Fantastique is a Berlin-based platform for temporary architecture that focuses on creating pneumatic installations as alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for temporary and ephemeral ...  More
May. 4, 2018
alexander mckenzie paintings 20
Mysterious, Hypnotic Landscapes Inspired By Japanese Gardens – Alexander Mckenzie
Alexander McKenzie is an Australian painter internationally-known for his evocative luminous landscapes, inspired by Japanese gardens, where spirituality is paramount. The scale of his paintings are ...  More
May. 3, 2018
ed fairburn cartographic portraits 16
Highly Original, Peaceful Portraits Using Vintage Maps As Canvas – Ed Fairburn
Ed Fairburn is a British artist who creates beautiful human portraits using vintage maps and star charts as canvas. 'Using traditional materials such as ink and pencil, I intervene with a range of ...  More
May. 2, 2018
camilla d errico artworks 19
Pop Surrealist, Manga-influenced Fine-art Chairs And Plates – Camilla D’Errico
Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Her new solo exhibition, titled 'Sky', because 'We all live under the same sky', is currently hosted at Corey ...  More
May. 1, 2018
scott allen roberts paintings 13
“The Dusk. The Twilight. The Eve.” : Bold, Graphic And Fantastical Landscapes By Scott Allen Roberts
Born in Los Angeles, Scott Allen Roberts is a young and promising painter who lives and works in New-York. His art questions the unknown, enticing the viewer through vibrant color, larger scale ...  More
Apr. 28, 2018
dface street art murals 21
Bright, Vibrant Murals Inspired By Pop Art And NYC Subway Graffiti Culture – DFace
Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, is a leading street artist based in London best known for his distinctive graffiti, stickers, and posters placed in various cities around the world. His diverse range of ...  More
Apr. 27, 2018
christopher soukup photography 21
Dark, After-hours Scenes Focused On Relics Hanging On Around Us – Christopher Soukup
A collection of dark and haunting photographs focused on relics hanging on around us with a cinematic quality by San Francisco based photographer Christopher Soukup.  More
Apr. 25, 2018
samantha moore cat food illustration 16
Playful Illustrations Combining Cats And Food By Samantha Moore
Here's a playful collection of drawings by Samantha Moore, a 26-year-old artist and illustrator from The Humboldt and Bay Area parts of California, who has decided to combine two of her favorite ...  More
Apr. 24, 2018
dylan martinez glass sculpture 10
Hyper Realistic Glass Sculptures That Look Like Water-filled Plastic Bags – Dylan Martinez
Dylan Martinez is a glassblowing and sculpting artist who lives and works in White Salmon, WA in the scenic Columbia River Gorge where he continues to explore and push the boundaries of glass. His ...  More
Apr. 24, 2018
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