el avion restaurant costa rica-10
El Avion Is A CIA Aircraft Abandoned In Costa Rica Jungle Turned Into A Cool Bar-restaurant
Nestled in the jungle of Costa Rica, El Avion is an American C-123 Fairchild military airplane that now houses a quirky bar and restaurant.  ...  More
Aug. 10, 2017
Punjab restaurant Hawai Adda Airbus A320
Punjab-based Restaurant ‘Hawai Adda’ Is Made Out Of An Airbus A320
Did you ever imagine eating in a restaurant that is inside an airplane? The ludhiana-based entrepreneur has made this a reality. Hawai Adda is the first airplane restaurant officially opened to the public after clearing all the required legal checks in Ludhiana. Hawai Adda is a swanky airplane ...  More
Feb. 1, 2017
Conde Nast Traveler Flight Attendant Uniforms-3
100 Years Of Flight Attendant Uniforms By Conde Nast Traveler
Condé Nast Traveler has shared a video that takes a look at the evolution of flight attendant uniforms over the past century. It shows the evolution of flight attendant uniforms from tailored and professional in the 1940s, bright and colorful in the groovy 60s, the modern looks of today, and even ...  More
Jan. 28, 2017
Boeing 747 Converted Into “art Car” At “Burning Man” By “Big Imagination” Project
On Sunday, the annual Burning Man festival kicked off at Nevada's Black Rock City. Tens of thousands of people have gotten together for a week of art and alternative living. One of the highlights this year is a giant Boeing 747, which was transformed into the largest art car ever at the Burning Man.  More
Jan. 1, 2017