“Justin Nanfelt” Of “Taybles” Creates A $1,200 Coffee Table Shaped Like Old School Cassette Tape

How cool would this look in your music studio? Taybles have recreated the nostalgic cassette tape into a functional piece of furniture.

Justin Nanfelt of Taybles creates a $1,200 coffee table shaped like old school cassette tape

We’ve seen a table that looks like a couple of VHS tapes, then one that looks like a 3.5″ floppy disk. Here’s one for older audiophiles: a wooden table that looks like a cassette tape. While it can’t store data, it does have cup holders and a drawer to hold physical objects.

The table is made by Taybles, a company founded by Justin Nanfelt, Taylor Calmus and Zach Calmus. The table comes in three tiers, which are cleverly called 30 min, 60 min and 90 min series, but Tayble also pays homage to the mixtape culture by offering personalized orders. You can pick from ‘different stains, colors, labels, graphics and legs’ and of course a custom message scrawled on the tape.

Head to Tayble’s website to order your own cassette tape table. Prices start at $1,200 (USD).

From Taybles website:

TAYBLES is comprised of three young artists / entrepreneurs (Taylor, Justin and Zach) who set out to make a product that would not only be a functional piece of furniture, but also a nostalgic piece of art. Influenced by homemade mixtapes, pop-art and modern design, TAYBLES caters to musicians, artists and the young at heart.

We at TAYBLES also believe in “paying to forward.” A part of every sale goes to charity.

The TAYBLES started a few years ago as a mere dream of Taylor’s. ‘As a kid, I grew up with a tape player in my car listening to Dad’s old cassettes like Rolling Stones and Cheap Trick.” Excited to work in a new medium, Taylor set to work on making the TAYBLES prototype in his closet sized workshop at the apartment he managed in Los Angeles.

‘I would often work late at night, and would worry about my tenants complaining about noise.’ After completing the prototype Taylor and Justin realized what a fantastic product the TAYBLES was.

They moved production out of the storage closet and into the hands of Taylor’s brother Zach who specializes in woodworking and has been building furniture for the last 10 years (his most prized possession is his hand-crafted pool table). Together they collaborated to redesign the TAYBLES to the unique, simplistic, captivating design that you see today.

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