Naturally Pink Lagoon Off The Coast Of “Las Coloradas” In Mexico Is Like A Real-life Fairy Tale Dreamscape

Pink waters and white sand meet off the coast of Las Coloradas, a small fishing community on the Yucatán Peninsula. This rosy beach is part of the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, which protects nearly 150,000 acres of beaches, forests and dunes.

Naturally Pink Lagoon off the coast of Las Coloradas in Mexico is like a real life fairy tale dreamscape

Our planet is full of bizarre yet magical places. From the magnificent Northern Lights to bio-luminescent beaches, from fire rainbows to multicoloured mountains, our world has it all. And just when we thought we’ve seen everything, someone discovered a Pink Lagoon in Mexico.

Adorning the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, this lagoon can put the rarest of rare phenomena to shame. Las Coloradas, a tiny fishing village in Mexico, invites thousands of Instagrammers, nature enthusiasts, travellers, and photography fanatics every year. One often gets caught in the mesmerising beauty of the pink waters blending into the crystal-like white salt.

The town was once a salt mining hub, thus the omnipresent salt mountains.

The striking rose hues juxtaposing with the massive salt banks are the reason why visitors just can’t get enough of this place. The mouth of this large beach is a hundred percent natural deep pink – putting everyone in intense amazement!

What makes this lagoon pink?

While many argue over the authenticity of the colour, scientists have a perfectly fitting reasoning behind it. The science behind these rosy hues stems around the presence of red plankton and the high quantity of brine shrimp in the water. The water dyes itself from the chemicals released by these organisms.

If you’re looking for a definite escape from the hustle and bustle of city-life, this is it.




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