Tiffany Ju’s Hand-dyed Ombre Tights

With fall already upon us and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay toasty during those long cold months. And what better way to keep warm than with these vibrant hand-dyed ombre tights by Tiffany Ju, a Seattle-based designer with an eye for color. There are several different varieties to choose from depending on what kind of mood you’re in, and they’re sure to make you stand out from the crowd while everybody else shuffles about in their dark and boring winterwear.

Tiffany Jus hand dyed ombre tights

About Tiffany Ju (in her own words) :

“So, this really crazy thing happened…

I was in full throes of my Quarter Life Crisis (26 with no job, no car and living in a shady apartment with my brother) when I began making ombré tights in my kitchen.

It had been an idea I had had for a while but with no job, I finally had time to get around to it:) It was February 2012 and for a straight month, I experimented to get the ombré just perfect.

At first, I was really just making them for myself (and maaaybe they’d be good enough to sell) but with the encouragement of a couple friends, I opened up shop in March.

By the following Friday, the tights had been picked up by a Tumblr blog and the rest was history. Overnight, the orders began pouring in… which was exciting for about an hour before I started freaking out.

That year was probably the best and most difficult year of my life.

Tiffany Jus hand dyed ombre tights

First, I had to find a way to make more than 3 pairs of tights a day, get some help with the dyeing, dump all the receipts in a file to deal with later and keep my customers up to date with their very delayed orders… but it was totally worth it.

Since the start of BZR, only good things have happened.

I met my husband and married him, adopted a dog (I call her my Studio Manager), moved from Atlanta to Seattle, found an awesome studio and some amazing help and have built a successful small business doing what I love and sharing it with y’all 🙂 ”

“I believe in black and footwear, amongst other things. I’m a Fashion Design grad from Parsons NYC/Paris. I like fashion alright, but I’m not obsessed. There are just so many other interesting, creative things to pay attention to. My staple items are skinny jeans, black boots and liquid eyeliner. I work to live so I might not answer you on weekends:)”

Tiffany Jus hand dyed ombre tights

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