Video: Eurowings Pilot Fights Against Strong Crosswinds To Land At Dusseldorf Airport

It’s a journey even the strongest stomached among us would have struggled with. If you’re afraid of flying, it may be best not to watch. The footage shows the moment a Eurowings pilot fought against strong crosswinds to land at Dusseldorf airport in Germany. As the small prop plane comes in for the landing it can be seen getting tossed in seemingly every direction with the intense crosswinds. But when the runway becomes visible it’s clear just how intense the landing will be. Thankfully, the pilot manages to set the plane down without incident, though they were forced to come in nearly sideways to stick the landing. While landing in crosswinds looks intense, it’s a common occurrence among professional pilots, though maybe not as extreme as the clip here.

Video: Eurowings pilot fights against strong crosswinds to land at Dusseldorf airport

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