Breathe: Storm-chaser Mike Olbinski Both Dramatic And Relaxing Black And White Film

Storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski has been creating incredible time-lapse videos for a while now and he is back with a new time lapse video and this one is in black and white and was shot in 8K resolution. ‘Breathe is made up solely of storm clips from 2017 either from the spring across the central plains or from the monsoon here in the southwest. Some are favorites, some are just ones I knew would be amazing in monochrome and others I used because they fit the music so well… Storms are full of color. The blues, the greens, the warm oranges and reds at sunset … But black and white speaks to my soul. I love it. There is something when you remove the color that lets you truly see the textures, movement and emotion of a storm.’ – Mike Olbinski

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