“Junk Food Cakes” By Pastry Chef And Cake Designer “Laura Loukaides”

Laura Loukaides likes to pay tribute to the junk food with sweet creations shaped as burgers, hot-dogs, pancakes, French fries, kebabs, sushi and many more. Some very realistic cakes for which she has already won numerous awards! You can follow her culinary creations on her Instagram account.

Junk Food Cakes by pastry chef and cake designer Laura Loukaides

When it comes to crazy cake decoration, Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration, tutorials, and just awe-inspiring creations. Cakes made by Laura Loukaides fall in the latter catagory. Her baking creations are incredibly detailed and impeccably crafted, leading to a lot of love on social media. What’s more is that 23-year-old Ms Loukaides, who is from the Hertfordshire, is self taught and has never attended professional baking classes.

One of her most stunning creations is a giant layered cake that, at first glance, appears to be made out of numerous other foods.

Junk Food Cakes by pastry chef and cake designer Laura Loukaides

The bottom layer features a burger, cream eclair and corn on the cob-but it’s entirely made of cake.

Next a pizza is layered on, then a sub-style sandwich, profiteroles, a jam doughnut and baked beans.

The rest of the huge cake features scoops of ice cream, macaroons, and a stack of pancakes, topped with a cupcake.

Links: Dailymail.co.uk – LauraLoukaidesCakes.co.uk

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