London Lumiere: Giant Inflatable Balloon Roams Free Above Oxford Circus At Rush Hour On Windy Day

The Lumiere London, UK’s largest light festival, is returning for a spectacular second edition. More than 40 UK and international artists will reimagine London’s iconic architecture and streets, transforming the city into a dazzling nocturnal art exhibition. But yesterday one of the festival’s art installations embarrassed itself by escaping and floating around Oxford Circus. The giant white balloon came unstuck in high winds at rush hour yesterday evening, blowing about in a potentially dangerous manner over commuters’ heads. It was removed just after 10pm, not before one of London’s busiest crossroads had closed to traffic and buses had been put on diversion. Some Londoners compared it to the Death Star from ‘Star Wars’, others to the lethal white balloon from cult ’60s TV show ‘The Prisoner’.

London Lumiere: Giant inflatable balloon roams free above Oxford Circus at rush hour on windy day
Photo by Edward Swift: @swiftynz


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