“Fire Painting” By French-Canadian Artist Steven Spazuk

This is the story of how French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk came up with the idea of the painting in a lucid dream. He described the dream in an interview : “I was in a gallery (in my dream) and was looking at that black and white landscape and I knew that it was done with fire and completely understood the technique.”

Fire Painting by French Canadian artist Steven Spazuk

Immediately after the dream, Spazuk immediately knew how to make the paintings. Instead of using the conventional paintbrush and canvass, Spazuk uses a candle and a cardboard paper. He initially used paper which he recounts was not a pleasant idea that ended up the paper being burned.

He described his ‘painting process’ by holding a piece of paper over a lighted candle and from their carefully sculpt out the plumes from the flames underneath.

Aside from his infamous fire paintings, Spazuk is also known for painting fragmented piece portraits.

To preserve his painting, Spazuk uses a specific paint varnish.

Want to see the magic? Watch the video below:

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