The “Starry Sea Table” Designed By Alexandre Chapelin For “La Table”

In another stroke of breathtaking design and functionality, Alexandre Chapelin has expanded his La Table series to include a new model named ‘Starry Sea.’ During the day, the table’s blue resin of varying depths and hues resembles a slice of the Caribbean and, by night, it becomes illuminated with LED lights to reflect back a starry, spellbinding sky.

The Starry Sea Table designed by Alexandre Chapelin for La Table

Chapelin’s series was born on the island of St. Martin, where he featured his notable ‘Lagoon’ series of tables.

Slabs of marble are sourced from the nearby island of Anguilla, each with distinctly different character.

The ‘Starry Sea’ is meant to mimic the contours of the Caribbean sea, using blue acrylic to give the stunning impression of varying depth, underwater terrain, and coastal landscapes.

An LED light system illuminates the table with the use of a rechargeable battery, giving up to 300 hours of light per charge.

A remote control is included, but by downloading the LED Magic Color app onto your smartphone, you can control a wide range of hypnotizing hues and unique luminous effects.

Even on the cloudiest of nights, you can enjoy both the visual effect of the sea and glimmering stars right in your living room.

The Starry Sea Table designed by Alexandre Chapelin for La Table

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