“Crystal Lip” Or “Geode Lip” Look By Makeup Artist “Johannah” Is The New Beauty Trend

Lip art is the hottest new way for makeup artists to showcase their skills on Instagram right now, but this new take on the trend is seriously next level. Behold, crystal lips. Created by NYC-based artist Johanna, the detailed designs make lips look exactly like geodes – including amethyst and druzy quartz – using metallic pigment, liquid lipstick and tiny crystals.

Crystal Lip or Geode Lip look by makeup artist Johannah is the new beauty trend

If you’re into crystals these days – don’t lie, there’s probably one sitting on your bedside table – then you need to take a peek at the hyper-realistic geode art that New York-based makeup artist Johannah is putting on people’s lips. Johannah (@beyou.byjoh) dreams up these gem-like looks, from druzy quartz to amethyst slices, by using tiny crystals, liquid lipstick, and metallic liquid lip color. Prepare to be hypnotized by their beauty.

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