“Funnycross” – Bulgarian Artist Christo Guelov Turns Madrid’s Crosswalks Into Colorful Works Of Art

Many of us cross the street without really noticing what the ground below us looks like. Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov’s work attempts to bring awareness to the artistic beauty all around us. For his Madrid-based series, Funnycross and Funnycross II, Guelov uses bold colors and striking geometric designs to turn simple crosswalks into playful interactive street art.

Funnycross   Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov turns Madrids crosswalks into colorful works of art

The artist’s purpose in all his work is “to inquire into ‘something’ apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence.”

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Guelov has a larger vision for his seemingly innocent zebra crossing series.

His goal is to use the visual impact of the crosswalk to improve both driver and pedestrian focus, thus enhancing respect for pedestrian safety.

Perhaps, his zany designs will also encourage more people to leave their cars at home and tour their city by foot.

Links: Mymodernmet.comChristo-guelov.net

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