The “Mataiva Atoll” Reticulated Lagoon In French Polynesia

If you are looking for a perfect getaway, far away from civilization and wild tourists destinations, French Polynesia is the best choice. Thanks to the variety of islands, besides the main island of Tahiti, it has a perfect choice for lonely, romantic getaways, relaxing vacation, where is nothing but you, pure mirror like waters, thousands of colorful fishes, smoky mountains and miles of rain forests around. One of such wonders is the Mataiva lagoon located in 311 km from the Tahiti island and has a form of a ring, while the cone of the island which has a volcanic origin is partially submerged letting the coral reefs surround the cone, while whole ring turned into the lagoon.

The Mataiva atoll reticulated lagoon in French Polynesia

What makes this lagoon really outstanding if the line of ridges, which are clearly seen on the pictures from satellite. These ridges are nothing else but the corals, which spread over 50-300 meters wide, creating such a picture.

If you think that in such a beauty there are no people living, you are wrong. There is one single village – Pahua, located on the narrow road connecting the lagoon with the sea. The two parts of the village are connected with the longest in French Polynesia bridge, while around 10 km of the village is covered with jungle forests.

The name Mataiva literally means ‘nine eyes’, referring to the nine channels that can be seen in the island. Some of the small islands around the lagoon have become an areas for breeding rare birds and species.

The area is also rich in phosphate deposits, but locals are doing a great job at preserving their resources and they don’t want their piece of paradise to turn into desert, like it happened with Nauru island in Micronesia. That’s why the economy of this marvelous spot survives thanks to fishing, cultivation of vanilla, coconut and of course tourism.

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