See-thru Transparent Graffiti By Milane Ramsi

For years, graffiti has been a popular art choice for some. This street-based art form can be found almost anywhere. Not limited to one particular area, graffiti artists like to tag up wherever they like. Whether it’s on the streets of New York City or in the shadows of the suburbs, graffiti adorns walls and buildings worldwide. Graffiti artists go above and beyond to make their tag unique. They like to put them in obscure places so that they can be seen and not touched. Czech graffiti artist Milane Ramsi took his tag to the next level.

See thru transparent graffiti by Milane Ramsi

Ramsi used the cement pylon from an overpass as his canvas. Instead of a typical tag, he designed his to look see-thru. He painted his tag and adorned it with the surrounding landscape to create an optical illusion and appear see-thru. The tag, which is his name written backwards, is camouflaged amongst the painted background of the surrounding area.

If you like see thrus – here’s one done on containers by Fintan McGee (source: here):

See thru transparent graffiti by Milane Ramsi

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