Animal Sculptures With LEGO By German Artist Felix Jaensch

German artist Felix Jaensch designs sculptures with such a mastery to present, for example, velvety feathers of a parrot or choppy water around a shark using only LEGO cubes with sharp edges. Really impressive. It is interesting to watch how he managed to make such a lifelike LEGO animal sculptures with so many details using the plastic pieces.

Animal sculptures with LEGO by German Artist Felix Jaensch

We sat down with Felix Jaensch, creator of our debut MOC, the Red Fox. Known by many as one of the most talented LEGO® MOC designers out there, we are honored to work with Felix in bringing to life some of his amazing creations as part of MOC Nation’s launch. Here’s how the conversation went:

Where do you call home?

Uhmm… where I am living!?

How long have you been designing MOCs?

I got my first LEGO® set when I was three years old (LEGO®, not Duplo!) And of course I tried different modifications with those few parts at the first day. So you could say I started with three years. 🙂

Where did you get your inspiration for creating the Red Fox MOC?

I don´t exactly know, but it probably was the fox, which sometimes crosses the street in front of my window during warm summer evenings.

What is your design process?

At first I decide what I would like to build and then I try to get some pictures. Usually, some critical parts of the MOC already exist in my head before I touch the first brick. I always start with the eyes (as long as it´s a living object) because they are the most important part of a creation. When I am satisfied, I proceed with the head and work my way forward [ or backward 🙂 ] to the tail. Other kind of MOCs develop the same way. The only difference is, that they have no eyes! 🙂

What kind of MOCs do you enjoy designing the most?

I love to build models which look “alive” and I really enjoy to build smooth organic forms with those angular bricks.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started designing their own MOCs?

First of all you need endurance. You won´t be able to build perfect MOCs at the first day! Just have fun with the bricks!

And – if you want to recreate something, you have to look at it accurately! Details may matter but the overall impression is more important!

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating Lego MOCs?

I really dig audio dramas/ radio plays/radio drama series. Especially those for adults like “Gabriel Burns”. But you can also listen to them while building MOCs. So I don´t know if they count. 🙂
I also like to read comics. But no super hero stories. I prefer european comics with more realistic themes and naturalistic drawings like “Murena” or “I.R.$.”.

And now for the important questions…

Favorite movie?

That´s difficult! I love the old Star Wars trilogy! But there are several other movies which I also like! (Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Collatreal, Thank you for Smoking, Regarding Henry, The Mummy, Darkness Falls … and many others)

Choice of weapon in a zombie apocalypse?

Something with much firepower! But I live in Germany. So I would choose something which I can get my hands on! So I choose the frying pan! Everyone who played “Left for Dead 2” knows it´s a deadly weapon!

Favorite midnight snack?

Many people can´t sleep without having a snack! For me it´s just the opposite! I can´t eat while sleeping!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars of course! But not the new movie! Definitely not the new movie!!!

Personal super power of choice?

I have never thought about that! I am not so much into super heros. But if I have to choose, I would take the “power of mint and berries!” (yet with tasty, satisfying crunch!) “Mint-Berry-Crunch” even defeated Cthulhu with his power! Spiderman couldn´t do something like that!

Thanks Felix! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!





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