“Subway Doodles” – Artist “Ben Rubin” Populates NY Subway With Monsters And Fantastic Creatures

Rubin is the artist behind the Instagram page “Subway Doodles”. He makes the most of his daily commute from Park Slope in Brooklyn to his office in Manhattan by drawing freakish monsters beside unsuspecting subway passengers.

Subway Doodles   Artist Ben Rubin populates NY subway with monsters and fantastic creatures

If you’re riding the subway between Brooklyn and Manhattan, there’s a chance you could become the subject of some very entertaining artwork.

Ben Rubin, who runs a creative marketing studio called The Mint Farm, has been keeping himself and his social media followers entertained with a series of sketches created during his commute.

Often featuring blue creatures, the doodles offer a bit of commentary and humor for the usually uneventful subway rides.

“I started sketching on my iPad during my commute just to pass the time,” Rubin says. “One day, I took a picture with my iPad on the train and drew over the picture. It was fun, so I did another. And another. Then it just kind of continued from there.”

Rubin started posting the doodles to Instagram and Facebook approximately two years ago. He says his favorite images are those that feature his family, who make frequent appearances.

“One of the doodles had a silly creature emerging from the window of an NYPD police car. I received a message from a woman who said,’That’s my husband’s patrol car!'” Rubin says. “She asked for a hi-res copy of the image so that she could have it printed and framed for him as a gift.”

To create the subway doodles, he takes pictures with his iPhone and draws on an iPad using a stylus and his favorite drawing app, Procreate.

The drawings take three to four hours each and he tries to draw two or three per week.

“I went through a phase where I challenged myself to create one doodle a day,” Rubin says. “The pressure to keep up started to take the fun out of it so I slowed down.”

And as for those blue monsters?

“People always ask why the creatures I draw are blue,” Rubin says. “The simple truth is that I don’t want my doodles to be interpreted as criticism or representation of any particular race or nationality. My doodles simply reflect the peculiar universal truths about humans.”

Subway Doodles   Artist Ben Rubin populates NY subway with monsters and fantastic creatures

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