“Ear Makeup Art” Is The Latest Beauty Trend

We’ve seen a lot when it comes to beauty art: there’s lip art, hair stencil art, eyelid art, and of course nail art. Add this to the list – ear art.

Ear makeup art is the latest beauty trend

From contouring to under brows, it seems like there’s a new Instagram beauty trend showing up on our feeds every week.

Here’s one emerging look you may want to listen up to (sorry, couldn’t resist!): makeup on your ear lobes.

If images of contoured ear lobes instantly came to mind, you’re not alone. But, fortunately this trend isn’t another example of how contouring can go too far, and requires no bronzer or highlighter.

Ear makeup is dipping the lobe or drawing on lines in vibrant shades or glitter to lend an artistic touch to your ears.

The idea isn’t entirely new.

Black-lined lobes first popped up on Anthony Vaccarello’s runway at Paris Fashion Week 2014, and another variation of the look caught everyone’s eyes again when models at Opening Ceremony’s Fall 2016 show flaunted glittery disco-style lobes.

Recently, the trend has started an Insta-frenzy thanks to French makeup artist Violette’s metallic, wearable take on it.

Pretty? Definitely. Practical? Maybe not so much, since reapplying metallic pigment to your ears midday isn’t as simple as applying a fresh coat of lipstick.

But, ear makeup may be the perfect accessory for the statement earrings you wear on a Friday night out.

Ear makeup art is the latest beauty trend

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