The Quirky And Off-beat Airbnb Offices Around The World

From new outposts in Singapore and São Paulo to its original San Francisco space, Airbnb taps locals to create its seriously swanky offices.

The quirky and off beat Airbnb offices around the world

Airbnb has shaken up the way we travel thanks to its quirky and off-beat escapes. In fact, its model has been so successful that big hotel chains are ripping pages from its book.

The company’s next big export? Possibly its office design, which marries local culture with Silicon Valley flash.

Over the last decade or so, the tech world has cultivated a taste for bombastic office spaces that are a visual feast -a trend for which we have Google to thank.

Instead of opting for the cliché foosball tables and frivolity, Airbnb is creating offices that are emblematic of its philosophy of “belonging anywhere.” To that end, its in-house “environments team” is enlisting local designers to channel the unique characteristics of their respective cities into the offices while offering the right mix of collaborative spaces, social areas, and private zones.

Gensler’s design for Airbnb’s San Francisco HQ features spaces that mimic listings found within the city.

In Portland, Airbnb worked with the Good Mod to build custom standing workstations, lounge chairs, and tables. The Pacific Northwest’s industrial, homespun sensibility is reflected in the space as is its maritime history.

For Airbnb’s Dublin space, Heneghan Peng riffed on a traditional Irish pub for the communal lounge area. The firm installed amphitheater-style seating and recreated stand-alone phone booths so employees can take private calls.

The Sydney outpost looks like a stylish Australian home-though it boasts a hidden door built into a bookshelf.

Airbnb’s two newest offices are in São Paulo and Singapore.

For the former, the company worked with local firm MM18 to design a space that was inspired by the great Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx. Since the team is close-knit, the architects built communal spaces where they could all gather for breakfast in the morning and coffee in the afternoon.

In Singapore, Airbnb worked with multidisciplinary FARM to apply traditional building materials, such as concrete masonry, tile, and bamboo, and typologies, such as the front porch, into the space.






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