Bengal Cat Thor With Beautiful Colored Fur And Emerald Green Eyes Looks Like A Leopard

The mighty kitty’s fur is so purrfect, even his tummy has spots! Could this cat be more majestic? ‘ – I definitely feel like his servant!’ says Thor’s owner Rani Cucicov.

Bengal cat Thor with beautiful colored fur and emerald green eyes looks like a leopard

Imgur user ranicuci had quite a shock when they found a picture of their beloved Bengal Cat Thor on the front page of Reddit.

A lot of people on line where suggesting that Thor was to beautiful to be a real Cat. Many were arguing that he had been photoshopped. So ranicuci decided to share a couple more pics of Thor to put all the rumors to rest.

According to ranicuci, Thor is not only real, but a total sweetheart! (Though he does sometimes eat flies?)

Thor is super playful and can be pretty demanding, but it’s okay because also a total cuddle bug! He also takes phenomenal head shots!

Added Bonus: Thor is secretly a very talented Ballerina! No but seriously, this Cat is better looking than most people. Good job ranicuci!

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